You and/or your child might be struggling to sleep at the moment due to worrying thoughts about COVID-19, be it changes at school, social distancing, work or money problems, thoughts can weigh heavy on all minds young and old, So try these simple tips to help you get to sleep when you are struggling:

Before you go to sleep lay on your bed with your eyes closed. You can do this on your own or practice with your child together as modelling behaviour helps your child to take it in better:

– Take 3 long deep breaths through your nose sending them all the way down to your stomach, pause, and slowly send the breath back up and breathe softly out of your mouth

– With your eyes closed let your breath become natural and in your mind imagine your happy place. A time when you felt happy and loved. Think about the location, the people, the temperature, the sounds, smells, colours and how you felt. Picture every little detail and feel all of the feelings. This will help you to feel calm and safe

– Still with your eyes closed scan your body from your toes to the top of your head, paying full attention to each body part in turn and mentally allow it to relax.

If you wake in the night and are having trouble dropping back to sleep try one or all of these techniques to calm and relax yourself.

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