Calm Postcard

Beautiful aqua and gold postcard. Why not send to a friend in need of some calm or frame or leave in a prominent place in your home as a daily reminder to pause and breathe.

£1.00 (shipping)
Total: £2.00
Little Cards of Positivity

Pocket sized cards of positivity, bound together by a metal ring. Each set has 10 cards of positivity and encouragement specially designed with children in mind. Perfect for them to keep by their bed or in their school bag for when they need a little lift if they hit a tough patch during the day.

£1.00 (shipping)
Total: £4.00
Calm Stones

Two smooth and tactile Calm Stones in a swirly aqua/white colour. Hold the stone between your thumb and your forefinger and rub your thumb up and down the stone to calm you during times of stress or anxiety.
Stones come in a set of two so you have one spare or one for a friend in need!

£2.00 (shipping)
Total: £7.00
Oliver Ash Lavendorma Pillow Mist


Pillow mist which is made from no harmful ingredients and packed with essential oils - this is a milky liquid that is fully safe to use on materials and will scent the bedding around you to give you the benefits of the oils in the spray - over a 1000 sprays in this full packed bottle. An essential oil blend of Bergamot, Lavender and Vetiver. You will never be far away from a restful sleep.

Designed to look good on your bedroom side table!

£5.50 (shipping)
Total: £15.00

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