relaxation and mindfulness

For children & adults

Life Starts with our first breath, making every breath thereafter that much more powerful and vital. So make each breath count.

Preschool To 12

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help children and tweens with skills to use throughout life.

Group & 1:1

Learn how practising yoga and meditation on a regular basis can improve your health and reduce stress.


Contact me for workshops or blocks of classes for use in a schools environment, pre-school, infant and primary.


My name is Jemma and my aim is to create a calm space for you, both in your mind and in my classes.

I work with children as young as pre-school all the way up to adults. I teach the skills of relaxation and mindfulness to children so that these can be used by them throughout life for whenever they hit a difficult patch. My philosophy is that it’s better to have these skills taught early in life instead of when they find themselves in the midst of a storm as an adult. However, they can be used equally as well in early intervention both in children and adults who are suffering with low level anxiety.

I can also work with workplaces who are looking to improve the mental health and wellbeing of staff by offering workplace workshops and relaxation sessions.

Schools and nurseries can also take advantage of my services through one-off sessions, or a regular weekly sessions, or terms to tie in or improve their own mental health in schools offering. I can link into the syllabus or topics, the options are endless! I am fully DBS checked and insured to work with children and young people in this setting and I have Safeguarding Level 3 qualification.

I love to get to know children and parents as much as I can so I can tailor and provide a service that is applicable to your needs, not a one size fits all approach. I can visit family homes to meet the child prior to them joining a class, and also offer free telephone/video consultation with parents prior to 1:1 sessions. I want people to feel as comfortable as possible when working with me as their need to attend is often born from anxiety and I am there to help not to add to the problem.


Every day is a new beginning
take A breath and start again

My Expertise


Reiki has long been used by practitioners to aid wellbeing and rebalance the mind, body and soul.


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.


Reiki has long been used by practitioners to aid wellbeing and rebalance the mind, body and soul.

Breathe. To pause. To make space. To collect your thoughts. To Remember. To face the next moment. To choose

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